Monday, June 23, 2008


Here are pictures of my 97 Fat Boy and the paint progression it took. I bought the bike brand new in 97 from Westminster Harley and have invested some serious dough into it. I started out like every new Harley owner and started to bolt on every Harley chrome part they offered. After a few years of riding it around it clicked into my head and realized my Harley is not unique at all. It just blended in with the crowd where ever I went. So I wanted to completely do a revamp of it and started looking at what I could do. At about this time I ran into Barry Lacour when he worked for Performace Machine and I knew what I needed to do. He ordered all my parts and I had a shop in Redondo Beach install it. Turns out that guy didn't know what he was doing and I ended up having it redone all over again. So that leads to the next chapter of the bike. I wanted to change up the color scheme on it and Barry had sent it to a paint shop in HB. The picture with the flames is what we got back. The bike was put together and lasted about a day or so before both Barry and I couldn't take it anymore. So I did some research and sent Barry a different color scheme and off it went to Taylor Schultz up North to get painted. Taylor nailed it and the bike looks awesome.

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