Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alex Gray

I did a photoshoot with Alex Gray last week down in the wilderness park in Redonodo Beach, Ca.  We were shooting for Body Glove's ECO2 wetsuit.  It's a environmentally friendly made suit that has more stretch in it compared to last years model.


Jason said...

as usuall-nice shots. Alex sort of looks like a young Occi-? Mark Pac and Pat and I are headed to the Dice deal in costa mesa tomorrow night-take alook at my blug for info. you should come on down-Heathens are playing....

Joyrides Art Co said...

Yeah, Alex is a local kid here in the South Bay. He is starting to mature into a well rounded surfer. He killed it in Hawaii this past winter on the North Shore.

Yeah, Brawny told me about the Dice deal. Sounds like fun. I'm going to see Smiley tomorrow so maybe I'll tag along with him if he goes.

Heathens kill it!!!!