Monday, March 2, 2009

Flyin' Dutchman

The Flyin' Dutchman, Maurice Van Den Tillaard, landed in the California little over a week ago.  He was on a California photo tour shooting all kinds of guys and gals from here in Long Beach to up north, Oakland.  I caught up with him yesterday in Long Beach while he was shooting with Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built.  If you haven't checked out his blog you should.  Click here to go to his blog. He is an amazing photographer that I look to for inspiration.  

He flew back home yesterday with all kinds of A+ photos.  Check his blog for some of the shots he has taken on his California journey.  Thanks again Maurice for letting me hang out on the shoot.  Look forward to seeing you soon.


Rene said...

Hey Mark.first,let me say I really like your've got a great eye.I was lucky enough to be one of the stops on Maurice's world tour.ha ha.he shot the sportster I just finished.good guy!keep up the good work.

Joyrides Art Co said...

Cool. Thanks for the comments. I will be checking your blog out often now too.