Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend. Started out on Saturday going down to Jason's house and meeting up to ride down to Curley's with Pat and J. Good times. I have pics to post from that day later in the week. Then I got up early Sunday morning and headed out to Murrieta to meet up with Jeremy and Todd. Jeremy has a Shovelhead and Todd rides a Panhead. This was a photoshoot a long time in the making for Greasy Kulture magazine. We tried setting up shoots before but first Todd's bike broke down and when his was ready then Jeremy's broke down. But we got it done and I'll be going through the photos to submit to Guy for some upcoming issues in GKM.
Todd and his Panhead.
Jeremy and his Shovel.

Jason, Pat and I sitting in traffic on Cherry on our way to Curleys.

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