Sunday, September 26, 2010

Karlson Tea Party-Costa Mesa

Rode out to the Karlson Tea Party at the Comune Saturday night.
Jason McCann and Barry Lacour. Rode out with those two on a beautiful night for riding to Costa Mesa.

J, B and P

Amy and Grant Petersen.
I have a friend. His name is Nelson. He does these stories on his friend named Pepe. Read them at Paka Junk. Good stuff.

Brawny Built and Frank of Comune. Checking out the 1 0f 6 hand made kicker pedals made just for the Comune show and the builders.
Kiyo and Mike Davis
Johnny Edwards and Barry.
Blurry pics rule. Brawny and Nelson.

Gift pack from the Comune

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9half said...

Dude a wall of Pepe pics.. WTF