Monday, February 7, 2011

Damon York-Triumph

Spent Super Bowl Sunday morning down in Huntington Beach shooting Damon York's killer Triumph. We made our way down to Boomers parking lot in Fountain Valley to start the shoot. So I set up my lights and get the bike into position. I started shooting a few shots and then a park official came walking over and told us we had to stop because of Corporate regulations. He was cool about it so as I packed up the gear another park worker came over and explained why. Guess a few years back a group came down to do a shoot with a bunch of girls. Started out in the ferris wheel and then they made their way back to the batting cages. I guess tops came off and then the girls were using the bats for other uses than hitting balls. Corporate got wind of it and put a halt to any photoshoots on company grounds. So we ended up shooting down the street in a park and later in front of Damon's house. Editing photos of the shoot and then they are off to Guy over at Greasy Kulture Magazine for a future issue. Thanks Damon.


Jason said...

that pic is technically and artistically great, as usuall! That bike rules-makes me want to paint that shot to because the house in the background and the bike harken that 'polaroid era' front yard pic of yer' bike. Nice work Mark!


nun ez said...

great bike, cool pic! cheers! munster

steve / stockers said...

That is Beautiful...Great shot too!