Monday, March 21, 2011

Joyrides Art Co Photo Book

So I'm working on a book to showcase my pictures from the past few years. The goal is to have it done and available at this years Viva Las Vegas show where I will have a booth during the car show. They will be available online afterwards and then I will have them at the Born Free 3 show.

The book will have bikes, cars and broads. Some of the people in it will be: John Edwards, Mike Davis, Barry Lacour, Chopper Dave, Denver Dan, Brandon (Brawny Built) Holstein, Ian Berky, Jason McCann, Rob Fortier, Rene (Dago Speed Shop) Astenego, Christian Garcia, Cole Foster, Aaron Elliot, Damon York and a few others.

Stay tuned.


STILO71 said...

Sweet keep on doing it man..

Irish Rich said...

I'll take one, and I know Steve will want one, too.

You better sign ours.....