Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joyrides Art Co Photo Book-NOW AVAILABLE

Go to the Joyrides Art Company Online Store to purchase your copy of the book. Perfect bound with 144 pages of photographs taken by me from the past few years. Book includes photos of Barry Lacour, Denver Dan, Chopper Dave, Al Raposo, Ashley, Dean Micetich, Damon York, Rob Fortier, Sally, Born Free Panhead, Brandon Holstein, Alan Braff, Kris Berang, Ian Berky, John Edwards, Sean Massey, Smiley, Aaron Elliot, Denise, Jason McCann, Los Boulevardos, Rene Astenego, Jack Audiss, Scott Schmieser, Irish Rich, Steve Glennon, Mike Davis, Lorraine, Kyle Yanagimoto, Jeff Leighton, Christian Garcia, Nelson Kanno, Mellisa and Cole Foster. Full of Bikes, Cars and girls. Full color. EnJOY the RIDE. Click here to order.


Supreme Seventies said...

Need One-Robbie

Wayne@Kustom Ink said...

Hey Mark,
I shot you an email about a bunch of the books. If you can get back to me, that'd be ace.
Cheers, Wayne@Kustom Ink