Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joyrides Art Co Website Being Redesigned

So it's probably been close to 2 years since I posted a new Joyrides Showcase feature. I have been working on a new website redesign these past few days so I can give you something fresh to look at. With the new design I will have 2 new Joyrides showcase features to present. The first one will be on Ian Berky out of Burbank. I sat down with Ian almost a year ago and did a pictorial and interview with him. So I will finally get that one up for you to read and view. The second one will be a little more recent and it will be on Sean Yontz of Denver. I did this interview and photoshoot with him when I was up there for the Love Thy Chopper show. Couple of other showcases I need to finish up are on Irish Rich from Denver and the one and only Pac Man from Venice Ca. My target date to launch the new website is late September. Thank you for being patient and hope you like what I put together. In the meantime I will post more pictures of the new shop that I am part of as well. We are trying to get that up and running by this month as well.

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