Monday, October 3, 2011

Street Chopper Release Party

Liz and I went out to Costa Mesa to the Tiki Bar for the Street Chopper Issue Release party this past Saturday night.  Surprise moment of the night was seeing Mr. Adam Wright there hanging out.  Seems he has left Nor Cal and now calls So Cal home.  Good talking to you Adam.  Let's hang out now that your local.

The cover bike. Always good to see Jeff Leighton.  He has a few more projects up his sleeve so you will see some pretty cool stuff coming from him in the future.  Also, got to chat with Grant Peterson.  Turns out we got the same type of dogs running amuck in our houses. 

 What I really came for was to see Revolution Mother play and it was nothing short of awesome. Only problem is they came on so late that I couldn't see the whole set cause we had to get back home to the kids.  One of these days I'll go see them and see the whole set.  It was a fun night out. Having a few beers with my wife and hanging out with John and Fawn at the end of the night.  Good times.

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