Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Panhead Jeff - Las Vegas

One of the guys you can always count on.  Jeff Goo of Vegas.  Talk about a true friend.  Runs out to California with our other friend Nate at 3 in the afternoon on Saturday.  Goes to the GNRS for less than an hour and jumps right back on the freeway back to Vegas.  Gets out of Nate's car, jumps on his Panhead and heads over to the Hard Rock Hotel to hang out with me and Liz till about 2 in the morning.  Good times.


antihero1972 said...

such a rad panhead, get Jeff 36 hours and we roll..

Nate Blanchard said...

The reason Jeff is my Brother. Much love to him and your Mark. Sorry i missed you yet again but the last three days without sleep had caught up with me.