Sunday, February 26, 2012

Science Project Sunday

Spent my Sunday afternoon with daughter, Brooke, working on her science project due this week. So we open up a science book blindly look and point to a project and say that's the one we are doing.  The object was to make two glasses stick together without using glue.
Step 1: Cut a piece of rubber slightly bigger than the cup. Cut a hole in the center of the sheet of rubber.

Step 2: Place the cut piece of rubber on top of one cup.

Step 3: Drop a piece of paper in the other cup.

Step 4: Light the piece of paper on fire.

Step 5: Quickly place the other cup over it and make sure you have a complete seal between the two glasses.

Step 5: And if all goes good you should have two glasses stuck together.  What does two glasses stuck together do to help you? Absolutely nothing but if I had to spend most of my Sunday working on this project I was sharing my joy with the rest of you!

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