Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Natalie Anzivino Photoshoot

Natalie is a surfer from Torrance who recently was the featured story in the local South Bay Magazine called, "Drop Zone Southbay."  Real nice girl who just charges in big surf.  When the surf is big and it's mostly just the guys out there. You will see Natalie paddling into some of the bigger sets.  She just placed fourth at a contest in Hawaii held at Pipeline.   We did this shoot in her garage/bedroom and also down at Torrance Beach.

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Irish Rich said...

Oh man....those thighs could crush your head like a grape!

2-0 you fuckers, and in St. Louis' own house. Too bad your house will be full of the "see, and be seen" instant Kings fans crowd, when guys like you should be filling the seats for game 3.