Friday, August 17, 2012

Jean-Michel Cousteau/Body Glove Dive Photoshoot

Just got back from a day and a half photoshoot in Catalina with 2 legends in the Dive Industry.  At age 86 and still diving Co-Founder of Body Glove, Bob Meistrell and Jean Michel Cousteau who is the son of legendary Jacques Cousteau.  I came over on the Body Glove boat and we met up with Jean Michel who was hosting a family dive camp on Catalina Island.  We were there for a product shoot with new co-op wetsuits and other products between Body Glove and JMC.  Never had to sleep on a boat before and that took sometime to get used to while trying to sleep. Thank god the boat ride back home was a lot smoother than the way to Catalina. Only one person was over the side throwing up his breakfast!
Co Founder of Body Glove and still diving at age 86, Bob Meistrell.

Son of the other co founder of Body Glove, Billy Meistrell.

Jean Michel's Field Producer and Coordinator, Holly Lohuis

Jean Michel Cousteau


Lisa Ballard said...

This is the coolest thing I have seen in California. My father is a huge Cousteau fan, I think he has watched every show they have been on. Thanks for sharing, I love your work!

Mark said...

Your welcome Lisa. Yeah, it was pretty cool hanging out and getting to dive with Jean Michel. He is a very nice man and has loads of stories to tell.

truman testa said...

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