Sunday, September 2, 2012

John and Fawn Edwards Wedding Day

Spent yesterday celebrating the wedding of John and Fawn Edwards at The Condors Nest Ranch in Pala California.  It was a beautiful ceremony and both Liz and I are honored to have been invited to the wedding.  Denver Dan was on fire and jumped into the pool late in the night with the Maid Of Honor.  Both with their clothes and dress on! Good times and lots of laughs. 

Brawny and Tani

Denver Dan and Stevie

John with his mom and dad.

Fawn with her mom and brother.

Brawny, Bill Edwards and me.

Me and Liz.

Me and John.

Brawny, John and Tani

The beautiful bride.

Stevie, me and Brawny

Several drinks later.

Thank you Fawn and John. Good times and memories forever.

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