Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Born Free 5 Traffic Jam

After I was done setting up my booth and ready for the start of Born Free 5 I wanted to go out and get some pictures of guys riding in.  Just outside the gates I saw an endless line of cars waiting to get in.  Groups of bikes would slip on by as the people in cars waited to get in.  Little did I know that this line of cars backed up past the toll roads down the street.  Chopper Dave told me he waited 2.5 hours to get in and I heard other people saying they waited 3 hours.  This just goes to show how well Grant and Mike built up the show over the years for people to wait that long to get in.
I may have found the reason for the long traffic lines.  Somebody left these guys in charge of traffic.  

John Edwards was smart.  He rode his bike and saw how long the line was and turned around to tell his lovely wife Fawn to park the truck at a friends house in the area and jump on the back of the bike. They avoided the long wait and cruised right in.

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Jason said...

Funniest part: are all the dudes on stock Harley's looking in charge. Then good ole...John pulls up.. HA HA HA.Love it.