Thursday, December 26, 2013

Making Custom Signage For Tradeshow

Spent the last week building tradeshow signage for a tradeshow on the east coast that needed to be done by Friday and loaded on the trucks for transportation.
Given a small budget I had Matt Chernega of Nexus Metalworks cut out my custom lettering I did out of aluminum.

The finished cut pieces.

Primered each set to prepare for paint.

I strolled the isles of Home Depot looking for wood to build my frames but since the letters took a big chunk out of my budget I had to find a cheaper solution.  Wood pallets are free so I grabbed a few at our warehouse and cut them apart.

Cut and shaved down to decrease the weight.

Letter fitment and then paint.

A few rattle can spray paint touches and they are done and drying.

Finished piece and getting delivered tomorrow.