Monday, January 6, 2014

Joyrides Art Company 2013 Photoshoots

Here is a preview of most of the bikes and people I shot with in 2013.  Looking forward to shooting more in 2014. Thanks to everyone I got to shoot with and the people who support what I do.  I appreciate everyone and everything.  
Powerplant Choppers - Norton

Paul Whitehurst - Knucklehead

Powerplant Choppers shop truck

Joey Castillo - Powerplant Choppers

Top Shelf Customs Triumph Scrambler

Brawny Built FXR

Kade Gates

Mark Drew - Triumph

Dennis Levine - Ferrari

Alan Beatty - Brawny Built Sporster

Dynamite Joe - Knucklehead

The Harpoon - Panhead

Jeff Leighton - Panhead

Top Shelf Customs - Sportster

Caleb Owens - Cro Customs - Frankenpan

Scott "T-Bone" Jones - Shovelhead

Mike Davis - Triumph

Aki Sakamoto - Shovelhead

Casey "Headcase" Johnson - BSA

Top Shelf Customs - Sportster

Brawny Built/Mach Modified - Sportster 

Joe Kramer - CFL

John Edwards - Panhead

Dylan Mingerulli

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