Monday, June 30, 2014

Born Free 6 Weekend

I didn't take much photos around the show as I was busy most of the time getting photos of the invited builders and their bikes in a private corner of the show.  So I left it to the other photographers who were there to capture the show.  I was talking with my buddy Panhead Jeff and recalling when I first shot the shows from BF 2 how there were maybe a handful of guys shooting it and even less guys doing video.  It is now a full blown production.  If you were there you were treated to some awesome bikes.  If not you can probably get an idea through all the instagram and blog posts.  Another successful Born Free thanks to the hard work of Mike Davis and Grant Petersen.  It will be interesting to see what is planned for number 7.  Stay tuned.

The winner of the Knucklehead giveaway.  Riding it home that day.  They actually picked a number and gave the guy 5 mins to claim the prize.  He wasn't there so they pulled a second ticket.  I wonder if the original winner knows he lost out on a killer prize.


Throwback said...

Great pics as usual Mark and thanks for stopping by our booth with Jeff to shake hands and say hi.

Mark said...

Thanks it was great to meet you guys as well. Always dug those ShovelHeads you guys do and was admiring the other products you had on display. Keep up the good work.

SOAZ said...

That guy Ron must be pissed. Shoulda stayed at the show RON!