Monday, May 4, 2009

The Red Bike

This was a bike Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built built for Joe O’Keefe. Joe is a friend of Jerry who is the owner of the Rusty Nail. The Rusty Nail is a Panhead that Brandon had also built. (Stay tuned for a full story on Brandon and the Rusty Nail on a soon to be updated Joyrides Art Co. website.) Once Joe had seen Jerry’s bike he wanted Brandon to build him a bike, but on a smaller budget. The bike uses a Freddie Hernandez frame but is 6” up. Has a 80” Evo with stock Harley mags, Rev Tech 4 speed transmission, 39mm with 4” extended forks. 

Brandon also fabricated a few parts on the bike. He fabricated the “T” bars and narrowed a late model Sporty tank. He also made the pipes. Brandon also made the foot controls while the other side is a stock FXE. The fender and tail light is from Bossley Cycles, a Todd’s Cycle seat pan was used and Maricio from Azteca Customs wrapped the seat with a Fab Kevin seat pivot. “That thing’s bitchin. Made out of stainless steel” Brandon said.

Performance Machine Classic hand controls. Has a Crane ignition with a Chopper Dave air cleaner. John “Candy” Edwards laid down the paint. The frame was powder coated and Brandon had John match the paint to that. The final bike came out amazing and Joe was happy with the final outcome.

This bike is also currently featured in The Horse Magazine.


Bird said...

Fantastic work man. Too bad the horse didn't feature your best shots!

steveb said...

this is a really well done feature... great shots & easy to read text... nice flow to both the bike and the way you put the story together

Alexandre Machado said...

Great pics!! great bike!!
Best Regards from Brazil!!

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