Sunday, July 19, 2009

North Shore-Oahu 4

Foodland!  The hub of the North Shore. 
Ted's Bakery. My favorite place to go for breakfast.  They got great pies too!  If your on the North Shore you need to stop by.
My buddy Steve Machin's house down the street from V-Land.  Steve worked as a Hawaiian Lifeguard and was part of the Hawaiian Water Patrol.  I would stay here when I came down to the North Shore for work.  But it looks like he's selling his house so I guess I won't be staying here anymore.

My families favorite place on the North Shore.  Turtle Bay. Great resort and super nice to stay at.  This is the place where they filmed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

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Chopperdave said...

FOODLAND!!! My future place of employment when I give up!!!!!