Monday, July 13, 2009

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

So Sunday I drove down to Venice to check out the Vintage Motorcycle Rally with my daughter again.  When we pulled up there was bikes lined up down Venice Blvd.  The weather was comfortable and not as hot as Saturday down at the Mooneyes show.  Lots of cool bikes on display.
The view down Venice Blvd

I ran into Scott Parker.  Haven't seen him in awhile so it was good to chat with him.  He was enjoying the show and doing the same thing I was.  Getting photos for the blog!  Check out his shots at Church of Choppers.

Jason from By Hand and By Brain was down there checking out the show and drinking a cold one.  We are going to do a photoshoot of his bike sometime this week.  


Chris said...

Had a good time at that one. Lucky nobody got run over taking shots from out on the BLVD. I was the guy standing next to Jason when you took the shot. I didn't realize it was you until after you took off. Chat it up next time. Nice pix!

By Hand and By Brain said...

Chris I almost got hit by a car but i was quick like a bunny! Great shots Mark!!