Friday, August 7, 2009

Body Glove Photoshoot

So on Wednesday I shot some surfing shots with some of the Body Glove team riders down at Manhattan Beach Pier. I swam out with a water housing and tried taking shots from the water. Never done that before and let me tell you it is harder than shit to get a good shot. First it was hard to be in the right spot. I was either too far (most of the time) or I was to close. I'm pretty sure I pissed off this Charles Manson looking dude because we almost hit each other. Totally my fault and the guy just stared at me that could've burned a hole through me. Anyways, tried it for a while than gave up and shot some shots from the pier above. Didn't have my 200mm lens so I could get closer up shots though. Either way a bad day shooting photos at the beach beats any day in the office.

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