Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jason McCann Photoshoot

I'm working on doing a piece on Jason McCann for the Joyrides Art Co. website. He will be the next feature of the "Garage Series" following a successful debut with Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built. I will be taking photos of him and his Triumph along with a story of the build and a little background piece on him. The next Joyrides Art Co. t-shirt design will also feature his bike. We drove around Long Beach yesterday chasing the light and we finally decided to call it quits. Here are a few shots from the shoot yesterday.

Check his blog: By Hand and By Brain


By Hand and By Brain said...

Pleasure doing buisness sir!!
Check ya tomorrow!

Joyrides Art Co said...

Thanks for shooting again today. Going through the shots now. How about them cops. I swear the second one that showed up looked like he was 10.

GEORGE said...

that guy is creepy !!!! love the triumph J good job