Monday, April 19, 2010

Hippy Killer Hoedown-Faces In The Crowd

Here's just a small sample of the people who were at the show.
Chopper Dave was all smiles getting an award from his hero, Freddie Hernandez, who also made it.
Dean of Dice Magazine just got back from Japan and was out at the show promoting their magazine with his partner in crime, Matt.
Rille from the Sinners Sweden and fellow Sinner, Dave Park.
Grant Peterson and Harpoon had their FMA booth up and slinging posters that came with a free ticket.
Pac Man traded in his pin striping tool box for a camera that day.
One minute they're holding beers....

the next minute they got a pair of awards! Steve and Brandon.
For more photos of people in the crowd go to Chopper Dave's blog. He was shooting nothing but people at the show.