Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joyrides Art Company Lid

So when my friend Jeff came down from Vegas this past Saturday he was telling me about my booth at the Viva Show. My booth lacked front signage so it was hard to find it. I meant to print out a banner for the front but I ran out of time so I had nothing. As Jeff was leaving my house he said he had something for me. He went to his Econoline van and pulled this out. He had an old helmet laying around his house and had a buddy of his, Mando Velazquez letter it up. Now I can place this on the front table of my booth as signage. Thanks Jeff for the gift. It is way cool.


sincity36 said...

Mando is a awesome pinstriper I have alot of stuff stripped by him mailbox ,welding helmet, stretched beach cruiser, peddle car and so on and so on.. Look him up in Vegas or the Atomic Cruisers CC fb or Myspace

pacman.pinstriping@gmail.com said...

super clean hand letters! thats my porn!

Torch said...

I know.. kinda late but..
..Mando or El Chucky.. has done a bunch of stuff for me and i happen to be at his house when he was paintin this.
pics at my moble me gallery