Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crowd Control 2

It got so crowded with bikes, guys were double parking on the street. The Fire Marshall put a stop to that. Everyone had to move their bikes out of the way or get a ticket.
If you wanted a good spot either you get there early or have someone save a spot for you.

Plenty of great vendors out there for people to spend their money on.

If you broke down there was a very good chance the guy next to you could help you out.
Uncle Dustin and his nephew
One of the over flow parking lots.
Vans was out there.
The Joyrides Art Company booth.
Plenty of cameras out there. There will be plenty of media coverage in magazines across the world.
Gives you an idea of how many people were there.

Beer can alley.
Free beer. I'm glad I didn't choose to have my booth back there. Way to crowded.



Guy@GK said...

Mark, it was great to meet you finally... these photos are great and make sense of what felt like overwhelming numbers of people and cool machines!

I was stuck down 'beer alley' and didn't get a chance to look around the show much, so didn't make it to your stand! Next time...

VonFuct said...

wow, LOVE your photography!