Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garage Company Saturday Night Ride

Mike Davis had sent me a email a while back telling me that Garage Co. was doing a show at the shop so I planned to ride down there and check it out. It was just going to be my buddy Jack Audiss and I but Jack called a couple of his friends and it turned into a pretty big group.
Jack and I got there early and hung out and waited for the guys.
His buddy Robbie, whose bike is in the current Horse magazine showed up.
Cheech also came out to ride on his 77 Shovel.
While we waited for the rest of the guys I shot a few photos.

They made it down pretty quick coming from John's house.

Grant on his Shovel.
Harpoon on his Pan.
Gassed up and we were ready to roll. We jumped on the 405 Fwy and headed north towards Inglewood. It was a cool ride and awesome to see a pretty good group of bikes blasting down the freeway.

Inside Garage Company is pretty amazing. A lot of stuff in there.

They had food and drinks for the guests.

It was great weather again in Southern California for riding.

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