Friday, April 15, 2011

Passing Time

The Joyrides Art Company - The Photography Of Mark Kawakami -V.1 book is now on press. So as I wait for the ink to dry here's some random stuff I've done recently at my day job.

The above 2 designs are concepts I presented for Body Glove Boardshorts division. These were all my shots I took on my recent trip to Hawaii except for the Jamie O'Brien action shot at Pipe. That was shot by local surf photographer legend Mike Balzer. When I first started out shooting photographs I pretty much started by shooting surfing and with slide film. Mike was always willing to give me tips on how to shoot, what settings and film to use. He never held anything back and I was always grateful I could just soak up what I could from him. We still go on shoots together and have a great time. If he's not shooting he's entertaining us with his impersonations and jokes.
This is a shot of Alex Gray from the past winter down at El Porto in Manhattan Beach.
A few months ago I went down to Bob Meistrell's house and shot a portrait shot of him in his extensive shell collection room. Bob and his twin brother, the late Bill Meistrell were pioneers in the surf and dive industry. They made the first functional wetsuit in 1953 and have great tales of the early days of experimental diving since there was really no guidelines set back then. Bob is a great person and will always have interesting stories to tell. Treats everyone like a friend for life.

Couple of random fashion and lifestyle photoshoots done in the South Bay area. So this is pretty much my job when I'm not out shooting bikes or cars on the weekends.

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Nice work,Mark.