Sunday, April 24, 2011

Viva Las Vegas 14

Just got back from the Viva Las Vegas show. It was a great time and the turn out to the Joyrides Art Company booth was amazing. Sold a lot of merchandise yesterday during the car show. Now I need to go through my inventory and update the online store. Some items are sold out in certain sizes and now I will put the Joyrides Art Company book online this week too. Here's a few photos from the 3 days that we were there.
Up the 15. Stop in Barstow and grab some Tommy Burgers!
Back on the 15 and head towards the Orleans in Vegas.

After a long drive in it was down to the bar and time for some cocktails!
On Friday I set up the booth to get ready for the Saturday car show event.
We just set up the frame work and came back early the next morning to finish the set up. Thanks to Chopper Dave for the use of the tent and Barry Lacour for the grid wall.
Friday night is was out to Osheas to celebrate Andrew's birthday.
Aaron Elliot drove out with his girlfriend, Eva, in their bitchin hot rod all the way from Salinas to join in the celebration.
Some of the crew that night.
After a late night with Andrew we dragged ourselves out of bed to finish the set up to the booth and get ready for a long day!

Happy with the turn out and met a lot of new people.
After a long day at the show we met up with Jeff Goo, Aaron and Eva at the Cosmopolitan and hung out at the bar. We had a great time talking and having cocktails. The plan was to have a few drinks and then go get some dinner. We drank till 1:15 am and found out that all the restaurants were closed by then. We ended up at the Peppermill and had some breakfast instead.
Aaron and Eva.
Liz and I.

Me and Jeff hanging out at the bar. A big thanks to my friend Jeff for driving me and Liz around every night. He also hung out at the booth and helped sell merchandise all day long. He made the day a lot easier to manage. Thanks Jeff for everything.

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