Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flywheels Magazine

Just got my copies of the 2 recent Flywheels magazine straight from the land of the rising sun.

Issue #14 Dec 2011-Cyaneyed 49 Chevy Styleline built by Jimmy White of Circle City Hot Rods for Chris Broders.  This photoshoot was a hard one to get done.  Jimmy White was trying his best to make it happen for me and we got it done right up to their last minute deadline.  Harpoon was a big help at the shoot as well being my driver so I could get the driving shots of the car.  Harpoon and I plan to get posters made of the photos from this shoot and he is taking them to Japan for the Mooneyes show to sell.  It will be available here in the states as well.  If you don't know by now, Harpoon is the one who painted the car.

Always a pleasure to shoot with Edgar Hernandez when I get a chance.  Edgar is the owner of Starlight Rod and Custom in Torrance.  They build some of the best looking cars I've seen.  Here is Edgar's personal ride I shot for Flywheel Issue #13 Oct 2011.  

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Guy@GK said...

Well done... pics look great. Truly one of the best magazines in the world.