Monday, November 21, 2011

Wearing Beanies While Riding Hazards

If you like to ride your motorcycle while wearing beanies you may want to attach a chin strap on them so they don't fly off while riding.  Here's a little sequence shot of Grant loosing his favorite beanie while shooting some shots with me on Saturday.
Here we have in sequence 1 you can see in the highlighted red circle the beanie loosing it's grip on Grant's head as the pressure from the on coming wind and his forward motion pushing it backwards.  Due to Grant's will and professionalism he kept riding so I could get the shot.

Sequence 2 the force from the wind and the speed of his motorcycle the beanie just couldn't keep it's grip on his skull.  Therefore as you can see from Grant's cat like reflexes wasn't good enough to catch the falling prized beanie.  The beanie instead of falling back and on to the ground decided to be like a Japanese Kamikaze fighter pilot. If it's going down it's going to take something out with it.  It fell straight down and into his chain and locked his rear wheel up and sent him into a long skid.

After a few long minutes of jarring the bike back and forth he was able to get the beanie to loosen it's death grip and get the bike moving again.

Beanie with chin straps. Could be onto something.  May save someone's life one day.  Till then, all you beanie riders out there.  Be safe. Secure your beanie before you ride.

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