Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caleb Owens - Cro Customs 56 Panhead

Photos from the photoshoot with Caleb Owens of Cro Customs.  I shot his 56 Panhead a second time for Greasy Kulture Magazine Issue 27.  Issue is out now.  Get yours here.


the liquor store said...

great pic. that bike rules!

jimmy monk said...

Caleb went to a Club show on this.
He was about to leave, getting on his bike when a Prospect approached.
"Hey Man. You can't leave yet."
Why, what's up?
"Just don't leave."
Calebs thinking, what did I do?
Turns out he'd won Best in Show.

Chris said...


Chief aka Big Nasty said...

My Little brother done good! Damned if he if didnt learn alot while hangin around me and Buck like a little monkey and left us standing in the breeze with his creations! He is a good shit even if hes my little brudder, Mega proud of him and his achievments in scoots and life!

Chief aka Big Nasty said...

Thats my little brudder that done did that! I hold a lotta respect for what he has achieved in scoots and life!