Monday, June 25, 2012


So I heard that Jarret Stoll was going to be in Hermosa Beach with the Stanley Cup today.  Naturally I had to go check it out. Dropped off my youngest daughter at day care went to work for about 30 minutes and then walked down to Hermosa Beach with my oldest daughter.
We were able to go on the roof top of one of the business' down on Pier Ave and was able to see the mini parade come driving in and down on to the strand.

I saw that we could get down on the other side of the fire truck with not a whole of people in the way so we ended moving down there before Jarret got in a car and left.  We were able to see the Stanley Cup up close.  It was pretty amazing and it was really and I mean "Really" shiny.  One of the coolest things I got to see so far this summer.

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