Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bob Meistrell Surfing at 79

Went out this morning with Bob Meistrell on his boat, The Disappearance. Bob Meistrell and his late twin brother, Bill, founded Body Glove Int way back in 1953 by being one of the first guys to develop the Wetsuit for surfing and diving. They have done some incredible things in their lives. Bob turns 80 at the end of this month and wanted to give surfing another try. The last time he surfed the Cove off of Palos Verdes was 40 years ago. He paddled over to the line up and stroked into a few sets that rolled in. He was tired as hell, but he didn't give up and wanted to go catch "one more" before coming in. Bob still dives regularly and we plan on diving in a few weeks on his birthday. Oh and as gas prices continue to be a pain in the ass be thankful we don't have to pay to fill up his boat. He just put gas in and didn't even fill it up and the bill was $6000.