Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saints & Sinners Tattoo Parlor

Here are a few shots of the guys that work over at Saints & Sinners Tattoo Parlor. Albert has worked with Smiley for awhile now. Slick Rick just returned backed to Smiley's shop just recently. I shot both the guys working on customers the night Liz was getting a tattoo by Smiley. It's a pretty tight knit group that they got there and it's a great atmosphere to hang out with them. Go check out Slick Rick's myspace site to see some of his work. Check out the tattoos he did of Sylvia Ji on this girl. Fucking amazing. Albert does sick ass work too. Check out his myspace site. Great group of guys that Smiley has working for him at the shop.

Al Ramone
Slick Rick

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