Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doug Dorr's 58 Pontiac Photoshoot

I was down in Garden Grove tonight to shoot Doug Dorr's 58 Pontiac for Old Skool Rodz magazine. I made it down to his house and we drove down to a parking lot behind a supermarket to get the shots. I snapped off shots like crazy because I was racing against the sun going down. Everything went pretty smooth for the most part. If you don't know who Doug is, he's a cool guy and great pinstriper. He's the creator of Kool Tools and makes his living as a Kustom Kulture Artist. I met him a few years back now at the LB Car Swap meet when he used to set up a tent there and sell his art. He's pinstriped some baseball bats and my daughters bike before. So look for my shots of him and his car in a upcoming issue of Old Skool Rodz. Check out his myspace site to see his work:

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