Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mike Losness

Shooting with Mike Losness.  Mike is a great surfer and is also a very talented artist.  I think because Mike has an eye for being creative and he knows what he wants it's always easy to work with him.  He'll have an idea in his mind of a surf shot and tell me where to set up and he'll paddle out and pull the move he is thinking of.  Mike is such a easy going guy that it's always a pleasure to work with him.
This was shot in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu a few years back.  This spot was at Off The Wall.  We were shooting for Body Glove boardshort ads.

This day, Greg Browning and I drove out to San Clemente to pick up Mike.  We drove out to oceanside and Mike paddled out to get a air  shot.  We shot for awhile, but Mike didn't like what we got.  So he took us to a secret spot that he had been with another photographer before. He told me to go down the beach a ways and he'll surf towards me and pull some airs.  This spot was tricky because it was very rocky so he only had a small area to pull it off.  We shot there for a while and this was one of the shots we got.  This photo ran in a Body Glove ad last year in Transworld Surf Magazine.

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