Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Shots

Here are some random shots that I took last year.
Shot of Rusty Malinoski at Parker, Arizona.   Rusty is one of the top wakeboarders in the world and just plain out rips!!!  It's always fun to shot with him.  Sometimes when he's riding he'll come out with ideas to get or do something random.  Like jump the nose of the chase boat, or jump over the nose of a boat docked.  He's also one of a few guys who has pulled a 1080.
Scott Smith works with me at Body Glove. He's a dive instructor and also works in our video department.  He'll go out on trips with us and shoot video and then come back and edit and put together dvd's for our company to hand out.  Scott and Greg Browning are currently working on a project called the "Drop Zone" where they went to Indo and filmed the Body Glove Team riders surfing and diving in the same trip.  It's a unique film as to no one has ever combined the two sports together on film.  I am designing all the promo material for it and we are having a premier at the DEMA show in Vegas at the Hard Rock in October.  It'll be making it's rounds with a new Warren Miller movie.  Check it out if you get a chance.  

Cheyne Magnusson ripping at Rocky Point in Oahu's North Shore.  Cheyne is a classic guy.  Super cool and just fun to be around.  He surfs, dives and also skates really well.  Cheyne lived in Maui, but now spends his time in So Cal.

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