Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Gear Bike With John Edwards

Went to go shoot with John Edwards on Saturday at his house.  My goal was to get some shots and a interview on his amazing 52 Panhead.  Which I  did and will be posting pictures and the interview throughout the week for your enjoyment.  While I was there John was telling me about his collection of 1 gear bikes.  He has 9 of them.  Anyways, he broke one of them out after we did the shoot of his Panhead.  He was explaining to me how the thing works but it's a whole different thing when you jump on it and ride it.  Just trying to get going was a experience.  Well that and the fact I'm not that tall and that bike was a little too big for me.  Anyways, I got to riding it and it was fucking with my head the whole time.  You think traditional riding bike style and it doesn't work that way.  As long as the wheels are moving so are the pedals.  You can't stop pedalling even  going through turns.  So if you are jamming down the street on this bike and you need to stop right away,  GOOD LUCK!!!  I was done and John jumped on it and was doing wheelies up and down the street for our entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Fixies are the new rollerblades! Love the wheelies!