Thursday, October 9, 2008

Body Glove Product Shoot

Did a photoshoot today with the crew of Body Glove at VP of Marketing Scott Daley's house.  The mission was to shoot Body Glove's Magnum wetsuit and to convey how much stretch and flexibility is in the suit.  On the way to the shoot I stopped at the market to get a variety of things for the kids to sling shot out of the suit.  Fruits, eggs and water balloons.  When I got there and we started to figure out what we wanted to do, Scott Daley suggested to shoot his own son out of the suit.  So we tried.
Attemp 1.  Although it was a good idea,  didn't really get the altitude we wanted.  So onto idea 2.
Loaded it up with a watermelon.  It did shoot it once they positioned it right.  But still not feeling it.
Idea 3.  Hey let's try to hang Jack from the tree.  Didn't quite work, but check out the stretch in the arms.

Last idea.  Drive down to the beach and launch water balloons.  Now that I got some shots to work with I got to go into the office tomorrow to see if this will work or  not.  My deadline to submit the ad is tomorrow too.  Nothing like going up against a deadline.  Look  at next months Transworld Surf to see if we run the ad or not.

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Jason said...

Thats awsome- wish I worked in that R+D dept.