Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Edwards Panhead Pt 4

The final installment of John Edwards Panhead.

I had actually bought the bike from Nelson when he worked at Harley Davidson. He went halves on it with a buddy of his. The bike was kind of a funky deal. Funky king and queen seat with a big 5 gallon tank. Basically when I bought it from Nelson I kept the engine, trans and frame. That was maybe 6 years ago. I then ended up trading it for the full dress ‘57 that I still have in the garage.

I am currently reworking that one now. I ended getting it back and I redid it. It took me about 8 months to redo everything and I rode it for the first time in April.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the bike, a little taller sissy bar, and lots of chrome, something real simple and to the point. I wanted to let the little accoutrements grab your eye and speak for it self. At first I was going to do a lot of tin stuff and not a lot of aluminum stuff. It turned out I did a lot of aluminum stuff like polished wheels, valve cover, primary cover and just a lot of little shit.
All in all John Edward’s Panhead is one beautiful piece of machinery.

Hope you enjoyed this feature on John Edwards and his '52 Panhead.
Thank you to John and his Fiance, Fawn for letting us come to your house and do this feature.


Throwback said...

Enjoyed the hell out of the whole story and your wonderful pics. Thanks for taking the time.

Joyrides Art Co said...

Thank you for showing interest in my work and taking time to visit my blog. I will work on getting more of those features up in the future.

Jason said...

Mark- got laid off last friday- office gig-got really bumbed-saw these postings-now it's friday the following week and I have a job back in fab (glendale) and I have to say after reading this, I was stokked. Thats it- You have this way with the photos and then it's straight up what went down. I cant thank you enough for working this out and really stokking me out!! I can't wait to be back in LA-two of the dudes I hooked up with are John Edwards fans too. small world big ideas. Keep it up!
Thanks again Mark!


Joyrides Art Co said...

Thanks for the support Jason. Glad you got another job.