Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bob Meistrell Dives to 100+' at 80 years old

Bob Meistrell, co-founder of Body Glove turned 80 today.  So family and employees went out on his boat today to go diving on his birthday.  We went off of PV to a sunken ship that was 100+ feet below.  Not only did he dive at the ripe ol age of 80 but he did it with retro equipment.  A set up from the 60's that he has.  This set up has no BCD.  I used modern equipment on my dive and I need my bcd to help swim and float around.  I get tired using that and Bob was down there swimming like a fish without one.  He had  Jocko, who is a expert at diving and dive equipment and Scott Smith (Dive safety) at his side at all times in case of emergency.  Everybody was worried of Bob doing this dive with that type of equipment.  Well turns out he did alright and I was the one who should have had the safety guys with me.  I'm down at a hundred feet shooting pics and I fill this tug on my regulator thinking somebody was yanking me from behind.  I looked and nobody was there so I started to swim.  When I started to swim I felt that I was kicking the bottom of my tank.  My tank had slipped down my bcd and needed to be reattached.  So here I am trying to get the attention of my dive partner because I couldn't swim or my tank would completely fall out and I would loose my tank and reg and have no breathing device.  So Greg Browning sees me by chance on the bottom of the sea floor and swims down to help me out.  He's holding a video camera and trying with one hand to fix it.  He gets it fixed and we start back up because we were getting low on air.  So I only got a few shots down below.  The underwater shot will be in the Daily Breeze newspaper tomorrow along with the story they wrote about Bob and his 80th birthday dive.  I'm just glad to be back on dry land for now.
Old 60's set up that Bob and Jocko used
A shot from the sea bottom just before I had tank problems.
Bob at 15 feet doing our safety stop.  At 100' you need to do this to safely eliminate absorbed inert gases from the body to avoid decompression sickness.

Bob Meistrell

Syndicate Barber Shop Photoshoot

Photos from last nights photoshoot with Tim and Chris from Syndicate Barber Shop.  One of these photos are going to be used in the article write up on the shop in Live LB magazine.  

Syndicate Barber Shop Photoshoot Pt 2

Chris-Co Owner of Syndicate

Syndicate Barber Shop Ad

Ad I have done for Syndicate Barber shop in Long Beach. This is for the magazine Live LB and should be out next week.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks for the support

Another site that has me on their "Good Lads" link list. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. Check them out.

Syndicate Barber Shop

Went down to Syndicate Barber Shop tonight to do a shoot with Tim and Chris. They are going to be featured in "LIVE LB" next week. It's a local free magazine. They did the interview yesterday and I shot the photos tonight for the article. Before I did the shoot though Tim hooked me up with a fresh haircut. Cruise on in. They're located at 2749 E Broadway in Long Beach. Look for the article and I also did a ad for them that will be in the same issue.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taylor Schultz Paint

More stuff from Taylor Schultz. Amazing painter and pinstriper from up north. If you need stuff done from him you can email him at

Rosie's Raiders

A logo I had done a few years back for Sean Rosenthal. Sean is a pro beach volleyball player. A local guy from the Hermosa Beach area. He has a group of his friends who support and cheer him on during competition. They are known as the "Rosie Raiders". So they got t-shirts printed up and they all go to the event and make some noise.

Joyrides Art Co. Online Store

Shop the Joyrides Art Company online store. Buy t-shirts for men and women, Womens Tanks for those hot summer days, flex fit hats and original prints. Online store set up for USA and Canada sales only. International sales coming soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Juice Magazine

New Issue of Juice Magazine on sale now. Photographer Adam Wright did the cover shot. Articles on Jason Jessee, Max Schaff, Makua Rothman, Sunny Garcia and Fast Eddie Rothman.

Denver Dan's Wild Ride

A few years back Denver Dan was riding back from a show and a car decided to cut in front of him as he drove down the highway. He swirved to move out of the way and went straight for the curb. He hopped the curb and crashed. Here are some of the parts from his wild ride. Check out the belt. He still has the grass from the crash left in it. Needless to say from that crash the bike got rebuilt and leads it to it's present form. I'll post some pics of "The Chainsaw" later on.

Friday, July 25, 2008

El Cheapo Kustom Works

I was checking my stats one day and found this blog had me as one of their links as photographers. He's also a photographer and pinstriper from Belgium. I always feel honored when people think enough of my work to include me as a link without me asking. Thanks for the link. Check out his work below and at his site. Good Stuff.

Ruby's Friday Cruise Night Pt 1

Ruby's Diner In Redondo Beach every Friday night during the summer they have a cruise night. I had to wait around after work today to pick up my daughter so to waste time I went down to Ruby's and snapped off a few pics.

Ruby's Friday Cruise Night Pt 2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Danny Takahashi Knuckle

Took a few shots of Danny Takahashi's Knuckle at the Mooneyes BBQ.

Knuckles on a Knuckle.

Chevy At Mooneyes BBQ

Saw this Chevy parked across the street at the Mooneyes BBQ.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Computer

Went out and bought a new laptop today.  Got the Black 13" Macbook and maxed out the ram on it.  Needed a new laptop when I travel to edit photos on the road.  Also, a good tax write off.  So with the brand new computer in hand I'm uploading old photos to look at.

Photoshoot I did with Alex Gray for Body Glove watches.

Bruce Irons at Lowers

Bruce Irons surfing the Boost Mobile Pro a few years back.  One of the best surfers in the world.  He is dropping off the world tour this year to go back to being one of the best free surfers in the world.

The North Shore

Andy Irons when he dominated the World Tour.  He won the Triple Crown, Pipe Masters and The World Title one year.  Other years he would win Pipe and the World Title.  The best was a few years back when Andy was battling Kelly Slater for the title and it came down to the last contest (Pipeline) and the finals.  Andy ended up beating Kelly and won the Pipemasters contest and the World Title.  But now Kelly is on a tear and is poised to win his 9th World Title.  I guess you gotta suffer defeat before you taste victory.

Andy with the hardwear
CJ Hobgood-2001 World Champion at Pipe
Bruce Irons dropping in at Pipe

Dusty Payne ripping at Off The Wall.  A future star in the making

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Edwards Panhead

Here is a shot of John Edwards Panhead. This bike is truly amazing to look at. It was at the Mooneyes BBQ on Saturday.

Brawny Built Business Cards

Business cards for Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built. He'll be out at Sturgis passing out his cards.

Glock 33 Pinstriped by Pac Man

The glorious GLOCK 33...Pinstriped by Pac Man

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chopper Daves Monday's Post

It's Monday and you know what that means. Chopper Dave got another Monday post of Claire on his blog. Stroll on over and get your dose.

Hanging Out at the Sinners Party

Here's another picture from the Sinners Liberty Shin Dig.  Me, Pac Man, Smiley and John Edwards.  I shot some photos of John's Panhead at the Mooneyes BBQ.  I will post some of those photos later this week.

Brawny Built Sporty

There were a few bikes over at the Mooneyes BBQ this past Saturday. I snapped a few shots of this bike built by Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built. Brandon had sold it to Bob Takahashi about a year ago.  Brandon had told me that he rode this bike everywhere.  Commuted on it, took it on a 3200 mile trip and even blasted down to the Smoke Out West on it two years ago. Doing a 100 mph he said!!!!  Take a look at his site and see some of the bikes he's built.  Really talented guy.

Plum Loco Ford

This Ford is owned by Eddie Martinez. He came up to me while I was snappin photos of his car and introduced himself. Really good looking car. I got a few more detail shots of it. I'll be posted it up on the Joyrides Art Company website "Whips" section soon.