Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andrew Quinones Video Project 2

Andrew Quinones second video project.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eryk Frias

I'll post pictures of Eryk's Cutlass that I shot a few months back for Flywheels magazine that didn't get printed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spidey Getting Cash

Spider Man took a break from crime fighting to get some cash. Does he even have pockets to hold his money?

Stole this pic from Chopper Dave's blog.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Evil Souls C.C.- Denver

On the Sunday that I was to shoot the bikes from Speed Metal I was waiting at the Evil Souls shop for Lucas and Dave to show up. While I was waiting I took some shots of the Chevy Truck sitting just outside to kill some time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Thy Chopper Weekend-Video by Fatty

Wanna know what happened this past weekend in Denver. Check out the video that Fatty from FTWCO put together from the show.

Happy Birthday Len

Love Thy Chopper Weekend-Denver 2011

This clown likes to drive in circles and get stuck in back alleys!
Great bands played into the night!
Walker and Part Timer Steve.
Pac Man was in from Cali doing his thing with his thing.

Denver Dan (although in Denver he's just Dan) giving his sales pitch.

Met Julie at 2 Wheelers the day before also. She has a pretty good grip on the chopper scene and knows her way around a motorcycle. She has a blog. Check it here.

The Fur Kings. They played first and they rocked it.

The one and only, Nick Pew. Master tattoo artist. He has opened his own shop with a few partners. Check em out if your in the Denver area. www.landmark
The crowd in the back of the shop.

Sean Yontz and Nick Pew talking it over.
The crew hanging out in the Dice booth staying cool and out of the hot sun.
Michael Lichter was hard at work all day too.

My time in Denver was a blast. Met so many new people and caught up with some old friends. Robbie from Foundry. It was good to see you as always. I will make my way up to Phoenix and take you up on your offer to show me around someday soon. Irish Rich as always I can count on you. Part Timer Steve it was fun having some beers together. Jeff, Fatty, Stevie, Denver Dan, Chopper Dave, Dave Park, Jose, Dustin and cannot forget Vince. You guys are classic. Denver Dan is right. They CAN make a reality t.v. show on you guys because of the antics you guys pull. Never a dull moment. Asian Dan. Jim. You guys rule. Lucas and Dave. You guys build amazing bikes and glad I got to shoot your motorcycles. And last but not least, Nick and Sean. Thank you guys for having me part of the show. You guys are the best! I look forward to next year and hope you have another show. Good times people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chopper Dave Blog Graveyard

Sorry people. I don't think Brawny Built is posting anytime soon.

Joyrides Art Co Photo Book-NOW AVAILABLE

Go to the Joyrides Art Company Online Store to purchase your copy of the book. Perfect bound with 144 pages of photographs taken by me from the past few years. Book includes photos of Barry Lacour, Denver Dan, Chopper Dave, Al Raposo, Ashley, Dean Micetich, Damon York, Rob Fortier, Sally, Born Free Panhead, Brandon Holstein, Alan Braff, Kris Bareng, Ian Berky, John Edwards, Sean Massey, Smiley, Aaron Elliot, Denise, Jason McCann, Los Boulevardos, Rene Astengo, Jack Audiss, Scott Schmieser, Irish Rich, Steve Glennon, Mike Davis, Lorraine, Kyle Yanagimoto, Jeff Leighton, Christian Garcia, Nelson Kanno, Mellisa and Cole Foster. Full of Bikes, Cars and girls. Full color. EnJOY the RIDE. Click here to order.

Love Thy Chopper Weekend-Denver 2011

This bike belonged to "Jim". He rode out from Kansas City if I remember correctly. Met him Friday night at the Dice party and he hung with us all day at the show and from the stories I heard he was still going strong later that night into the wee hours of the morning. If you look at the Love Thy Chopper blog he is the one in the "Nap Time" post. Rode out by himself and didn't care where he stayed. He was stoked just to be out in Denver. Jim you are a ruler.

Lucas from Speed Metal and Dustin.
This was probably the raddest bar I've seen. As the day went into night the smoke stacks burned fire all night.
Bikes inside the art show area in the Evil Souls clubhouse.
Vince's bike.

Stevie's ride.
The FTW crew.
Dean and Jeff.
Asian Dan. Met Dan at 2 Wheelers the day before and hung out at the Dice Party. Started talking about many things and he coined the term "Chili Dogs & Choppers!" He went home that night and made me this trucker hat. Thanks Dan. It was great to meet you.

Asian Dan rolling in.

Part Timer Steve and Irish Rich. Hung out with these two guys both nights. Irish Rich picked me up Friday night and he drove to the Dice Party. This way I was able to have a few beers with the boys and not worry about getting pulled over. Part Timer Steve put together a ride the Sunday after the show and had a camp out in the Denver mountains. It's always great to see these two guys.

More photos from the show tomorrow.