Monday, July 11, 2011

Emergency 51

On Saturday they had a reunion of the original fire truck and rescue squad 51 at the Fire Station where they filmed the tv show "Emergency" that first aired on NBC in 1972. The Fire Station is located on 223rd St in Carson and is Fire House 127. As a little kid when we would drive down the 405 Fwy South you could always see the backside of it. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to check out the inside of the fire house so it was cool to finally be able to see it.

The newly restored Ward LaFrance "Engine 51"

One of the items out for auction. Last I looked this signed helmet was going for $400.00.

I had this lunch box when I was in the first grade.
When I heard about this I thought I'd go down and check it out expecting only a few people there. The place was packed. People were waiting in line for hours to buy merchandise and get autographs from 2 of the actors from the show.
Mike Stoker. He was in the t.v. show as the driver of the Fire Truck. He answered the casting call of being a actual fire fighter and having a Actors Guild Card.

Randolph Mantooth starred as Johhny Gage in the series. It's been 32 years since the series went off the air. Damn I'm feeling old.

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Irish Rich said...

What a trip. I always tried to guess where 51 was, from the landscape, now I know. If I plan my lunch time right, I can catch the reruns of Emergency while I eat.

I always wanted to bang Julie London (Nurse Dixie). She was married to Bobby Troup in real life, the guy who played Dr. Early on the show. Bobby Troup also was the guy who wrote (Get Your Kicks On)Route 66.