Monday, January 31, 2011

Grand National Roadster Show 2011

My buddies Jeff and Nate came down from Vegas for the show. Jeff had sent me these shots since I wasn't able to make it down. Some cool shit. Thanks Jeff for the photos.

Now that the show is over I have planned to shoot with Jimmy White of Circle City Hot Rods and need to set up a shoot of a Triumph in Huntington Beach. Time to get busy with the camera again.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent Completed Projects

Spent the weekend finishing up Top Shelf Customs 2o11 Parts Catalog. Shot all the photos of the bikes, parts and designed the whole thing. I drop it off tomorrow at the printers to get folded, stapled and hole punched and then it's off to the Cincinnati Dealer show.

This was an invite that my buddies wife secretly contacted me to do for his 40th Surprise birthday party. Now that it's over I can post it up on the blog. It was pretty cool they had the cake color done similar to the background color and had it decorated with some of the same icons I had done on the card. Happy Birthday Fed. The Taco Man ruled.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The South Bay

The surf has been pretty good starting last week and it's been really clear towards the end of the day down by the beach. So I jumped in my car last Thursday and started at El Porto in Manhattan Beach and worked my way back down to Redondo Breakwall to get some sunset surf shots.

El Porto

Redondo Beach Breakwater

Monday, January 24, 2011

Randomness At Chopper Dave's

While Chopper Dave was doing this.....
I was wandering around taking random photos.

Chopper Dave also started a Chopper Dave's Photography FB page. Check it out.

Bob Meistrell-Dive Pioneer

Spent Friday morning at Bob Meistrell's house doing a interview with my co worker, Greg Browning. The interview took place in Bob's shell collection room. As you can see he has a extensive shell collection. What you don't see is cabinets full of shells on the other side of the room. Shell collectors can see the value of some of the shells in the photos already. Bob told me he had another collection of shells valued at a 100k. Wow. Bob and his twin brother are the founders of Body Glove Wetsuits way back in 1953. He talked about stories of going diving in the early years and not knowing the basics and fundamentals that are taught now in dive classes. They learned from their mistakes. Surfing up north with no wetsuits with just heavy wool tops that they would swing above their heads to wring them out and put back on. Amazing how they changed the shape of surfing by inventing the wetsuit.