Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DePalma 79 Ironhead Sweepstakes Bike-Part 2

The tail light, a mini tit mouse light came from Gabe over at Afterhours Choppers in the valley. After everything was mocked up and Kris was happy with the way it looked it was time to break it down and hand over the tank, fenders and oil bag to Chris Laurin to handle the paint. When the paint was done it was time to put it all together and pick a winner.

The lucky winner ended up being Dave Coletti Jr from Dallas, Texas. Before Kris delivered the bike to Dave I drove out to Kris’s place and we took the bike to a private neighborhood and shot it on this hill overlooking the city as the sun went down behind the hills. Enjoy your bike, Dave and thanks to Kris for taking time out and hanging with me so I can get some shots of the cool DePalma Ironhead you put together.

Kris Bareng of DePalma Clothing.
Final part 3 tomorrow.

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