Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DePalma 79 Ironhead Sweepstakes Bike-Part 1

I met Kris Bareng at the Mooneyes Xmas Car show a few years back. Since that time Kris has become involved and running the clothing brand, DePalma in the US. It is through DePalma clothing that he came up with the idea to build a chopper and then give it away to one lucky winner. It’s a pretty good marketing plan when your trying to get exposure for a up and coming company.

So he set out to build a 79 Ironhead XLS 1000 and in order to pull off this task he rounded up friends and associates to help out with the build. Along with the bike build he also had to organizing the online contest in which people could enter for free. Once he got everything in place he ended up with over 10,000 entries! Not bad for a company that doesn’t have a lot of marketing dollars to get the word out. With the focus back on the bike he started getting the pieces together and fabrication was underway. The bike got a custom Oil bag, tank ornamentation, custom hardtail section, bars and other miscellaneous fabrication work was done by Slim’s Fabrication. Saddle work was done by Jarrod Bass. He got help from Mike D at Biltwell with the exhaust kit, tips, bar risers, seat hinge, seat spring and a few other pieces.

Part 2 tomorrow