Friday, September 30, 2011

The Process Behind The Cover Photo

I wanted to get some good riding shots of Jeff on the 38 Knucklehead so after we finished shooting the bike shots we took off and drove around the hills of the San Fernando Valley area. His buddy Grant was kind enough to come over to Jeff's and be my driver for the day.  
I drove up and down the hills and I snapped off quite a few shots and we were finished for the day. I thanked Jeff for letting me shoot his bike. Turns out Jeff Holt from Street Chopper wanted the bike for the next issue.  

I was happy with the bike shots, but wasn't feeling it on the riding shots.  I wanted to re do them. Jeff Leighton said we still had some time to turn in the photos so we set another date to reshoot the riding shots.

This time Jeff drove down to my house and I had Barry Lacour of Top Shelf Customs drive me around so I could get the riding shots around Long Beach.  So we took off for the 405 Fwy and headed towards the 710 Fwy and over to the Vincent Thomas bridge and back.

Between the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the 710 we took a turned off to a side route where there are a litttle less cars so we could do a couple of different looks.  I actually shot Chopper Dave down in this area which is how I knew to go down there.

This ended up being the shot they chose for the cover.

Jeff had a original steel helmet and wanted to try and get a few shots with that on. The helmet didn't have a chin strap and going down the freeway at 55 mph you can guess what happened.  Barry and I just started laughing cause you can just hear that helmet clanking down the freeway on the ground as it flew off Jeff's head.  To our surprise that thing was still in tact with no dents or scratches what so ever. Not to mention a eighteen wheeler coming down the road drove right by it.  So Jeff figured we better not try that again.   

A few shots with just the beenie...

...and then back with his original helmet on the way back home. This time I felt more confident about what I got.  Jeff and I met Jeff Holt down at The Pike a week later and I handed him the disc of photos. Thank you Jeff L and Jeff H.  One of the best shoots I've done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photos By Tess

So my 2 year old daughter figured out how to turn on my Canon Point and Shoot camera.  I just let her run around the house and shoot whatever she wanted to. Here's a few of her gems.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Street Chopper Release Party

This Saturday. Be there. Revolution Mother. Hell yeah.

Friday, September 23, 2011

1st Moon Cafe Reunion - Italy

Jamie O'Brien/Body Glove Ad/Bliss Magazine Layout

Been working from home the last few days. One of the projects I needed to get done was a ad that was due today for Orange County surf magazine called BLiSS. It's a free magazine you can probably pick up at the surf shops down there. I didn't shoot the photo but did major color correction and image quality enhancement. The original shot was on a overcast day and the photo was gray and flat.  That is a shot of Jamie O'Brien at Nias from this past month or 2 ago.


39mm Preload Fork Adjusters in black anodized!
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With up to 7/8″ adjustment, you will be able to rule the streets or run the canyons.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cover Shot On New Street Chopper

My photo made the cover of the new Street Chopper.  Thanks to Jeff Leighton and Jeff Holt.  Should be on newsstands now.


Progress being made at the shop.  We have been working in our free time to get things together. Got a lot done but still have a lot left to do. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Andrew Quinones Video

Another video from Andrew Quinones.

Monday, September 19, 2011

D-Man Festival

Went down to Redondo Beach for the D-Man Festival a couple weeks back. It is a charity event for cancer. There was games, food, beer, vendors and bands for the entertainment. I mainly went because I wanted to see The Black Pacific play. Here are some photos from the day.
The crowd enjoying the music.
Shot across the lagoon at the event.
Tomorrows Bad Seeds played the headline show.
Jim Lindberg of The Black Pacific controlling the crowd. The event would get fined if there was any slam dancing going on.
The Black Pacific

Jim Lindberg.

Bike Exif Custom Motorcycle Calendar 2012

Bike Exif has the new 2012 calendar out and ready for you to buy. Click here to go to the page and order yours now. Aaron Elliott's Honda that I shot up in Salinas is one of the featured bikes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Larry Merchant

The Mayweather Vs. Ortiz fight was a waste of my pay per view money.

But Larry Merchant may it all worth it in the end. I was texting my buddy Andrew earlier in the broadcast that Larry Merchant needed to stop talking. He surprised the hell out of me in the end. Merchant vs Mayweather was the best part of the show.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mark Kubr-Stuntman-Immortals

Did some headshots of Stuntman Mark Kubr today. Mark is the stunt double for Mickey Rourke in the upcoming movie Immortals due for release on 11-11-11. Click here to see the movie trailer. You can also see Mark in other movies such as Lords of Dogtown, Iron Man 2 (He was the guy in the jail that Mickey Rourke kills) and Spider Man 3 (he was the bouncer in the bar that Peter Parker beats up.) Check out the new movie. Looks to be pretty good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roland Sands Design/Shaun White/The Speed Merchant

Check out The Speed Merchant Stator and Sprocket covers on Shaun White's brand new Triumph that RSD is working on. Go to Speed Merchant to see the parts. Go to RSD to see the build.

The Speed Merchant Shop

Still working on getting the shop set up. Brawny, Denver Dan, Stevie, Tani and I have been working in our spare time to get things together so we can move in. It's getting close. While your waiting go to the Speed Merchant online store and order some Fork Adjusters for you Harley. Click here to buy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

John Edwards 1959 Panhead

Shot John Edwards 59 Panhead that he revealed at this years Born Free 3 show. Here's a little peek from shoot. Editing photos this week and then it's off to the magazine.

Jim Lindberg-The Black Pacific

Saw the Black Pacific perform over the weekend in Redondo Beach at the D-Man festival. This is Jim Lindberg's new band who was the lead singer of Pennywise. Check out the band's website.

Saturday, September 10, 2011