Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riding The Sand Dunes in Morro Bay

I drove up to Morro Bay on Friday in hopes of shooting some wakeboard action later in the day with Pro Wakeboarder Daniel Doud and Shelby Kantar. Daniel was building a double rail system at a pond near his house. He had been working on it for the last 3 days and still wasn't finished. So we didn't get to start shooting till Saturday morning.
Scott Smith was up there with me filming parts for a upcoming wakeboard movie for Body Glove called Slick City. Here he interviews Daniel about what he is about to do. For the last few years Daniel said he wanted to wakeboard across the sand dunes across the harbor in Morro Bay. Since you can't drive boats or jet ski's in the harbor he needed to use a wench. A motorized pully controlled by his buddy that would pull him into the dunes. We got started around 8:45 a.m. at high tide.
Daniel's first few pulls were successful. He would ollie over the wetsand onto the dune and ride across. He tried a few passes to get the feel of it and then he went high on the dunes.
Here he is hitting it close to the top.
And then he tried incorporating tricks. As you can see this one didn't go to well.
His girlfriend, Shelby Kantar, tried after Daniel was done. At this time the tide dropped and Shelby had to ollie farther which made her hit the dune rather than glide into it. She tried a few times and mostly just eating shit!
Here is another good wipe out by Daniel. Perfect leg extention.

This was Shelby after her last wipe out. She was over it. After this we packed up. Went down the street in the bay and had breakfast. Hung out with his family for awhile and then headed over to Los Osos to the pond and ride the rails.

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